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Big Cake Chocolate

450 g
Dhs. 22.00

Moist rich chocolate cake, that melts in your mouth. We suggest you serve it with custard, a fruit coulis or simply with fresh fruit.

Weight 450 Grams

No. of Pc/Pack : 1 cake= 8 slices

Wheat Flour, Wheat Starch, Eggs, Water, Vegetable Oil, Cocoa (100% Cocoa Powder), Modified Starch, Raising Agents (E341, E450, E500), Emulsifiers (E471“Palm”, E472), Salt, Natural Flavoring.


Serving Size

Per Serving


Per Serving


Calories 440 246
Calories From Fat 300 168
Total Fat 34g 52% 19g
Saturated Fat 8g 40% 4.48g
Cholesterol 60mg 20% 34mg
Sodium 180mg 8% 101mg
Total Carbs 32g 11% 17.9g
Dietary FIber <1g 3% 0.6g
Protein 4g 2.24g