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Salma Beauty Liquid Soap Olive & Laurel Oil 500ml

Dhs. 78.00

The Laurel Liquid Soap is vegan and free from artificial coloring and chemicals
additives. It contains the benefits of the Laurel bar soap. It is made of pure olive oil and bay
laurel oil.
· Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.
· Personal hygiene: Face, Body & Hair.
· Comforts the skin leaving it cleansed and moisturized.

How to use:
● Pump our liquid soap into your hands and them softly together with
● Lather the soap on all of the body, then rinse off with fresh water.


  • Aqua
  • Potassium Olivate
  • Potassium Laureate
  • Potassium Hydroxide
  • Glycerin


The majestic Laurel Soap is a true relic of an ancient time that connected different
worlds and offered a solid foundation for the creation of all modern soap used nowadays. The
vegan soap, produced using the cold process was used in abundance by Queen Cleopatra for
the magical moisturized feeling it leaves on your skin.